Two decades of offering creative support, for passionate clients who take initiatives with a positive impact.


❇ Since 2007 — Multiple clients
Multimedia Design in, to and from Beirut, Münster, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Dubai, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Houston, London.

2004 — Digipen/Nintendo
Game & Interactive Design Workshop, LB

2005 — Achtung! Dangerous Ideas
Print Design, Illustration & Animation Workshop, Bremen, DE

2004/2007 — American University of Beirut
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (Graduate), Beirut, LB

2008 — Digital Campus France
Masters in Creative Direction, Multimedia, Web & Video, Paris, FR

2009 — Donald Simpson
Minisite design, web and interactive design trainee (Clients: Disney, Miramax, Universal) Paris, FR

2015/2016 — Omnia LLC
Freelance Web Designer (Client: KSA Federal Football Association) Dubai, U.A.E.

2015/2017 — EventLab LLC
Lead freelance pitch & events branding (Clients: Expo 2020, Dubai Culture Ministry, Auditoire) Dubai, U.A.E.

2008/2019 — Who Killed Bruce Lee
Founding member, musician, composer, arranger, artworks and socials (International Tour)

2020/Ongoing – Multiple artists and collectives
Events, live sets, studio work, session musician (Jazz, rock, reggae, hiphop, electronic on piano, synths, and machines)
N.S.C. (No Such Crew): CREAM (hiphop/jungle/UKG), Nightstand (Disco, House), and others…


My designs are meant to help communicate your products and ideas to your audience. It’s great if you like the work, and even better when it resonates with your crowd and positively amplifies your voice.

2 — Deadlines ain’t dead, they just smell funny.

Tempo is crucial for a healthy project. When clients are responsive, quickly providing content and feedback, we always hit our targets. And just like that, in almost two decades of freelancing, I’ve never missed a single deadline.

3 — BRITNEY’s Non-Toxic.

It’s more than ok to change directions during a project. We take a step back and revise the Scope of Work, sign off on it, then move on. I split invoicing according to project phases, so that the sweat-to-reward ratio stays fair and balanced all through the process. As a general rule, I immediately fire unprofessional, unresponsive, and abusive clients.

4 — If it’s not fun, why do it?

Doing what you love is a luxury these days, and passion brings a whole lot of positive energy into the mix and boosts the creative process. In a nutshell: if you don’t love what you do, why should I?