I have been offering creative support for over 15 years, for passionate people and initiatives with a clear voice & a positive impact.

1 — Love the work?

That’s good. Your customers love it? even better! My designs are meant to help communicate your products and ideas to your audience. We go step by step until you are satisfied, but at the end of the day, what really matters is how the work resonates with your crowd, and how it affects your business.

2 — Deadlines ain’t dead, they just smell funny.

Tempo is crucial for a healthy project. When you’re responsive, quickly providing content and feedback, we always hit our targets. If lateness occurs, the deadline gets pushed, sometimes indefinitely. In 18 years of freelancing, I’ve never missed a deadline. By the way, kudos if you got the Zappa reference.

3 — BRITnEY’s (Non) toxiC.

As a general rule, I avoid working with unprofessional and abusive clients. Half-way into a project, if your goals change, it’s ok.  We’ll take a step back and revise the Scope of Work, sign off on it, then move on. The key is to be on the same page. I spread out invoices following project phases, so that the sweat-to-reward ratio stays fair and balanced all through the project.

4 — If it’s not fun, why do it?

Doing what you love is a luxury these days, and passion brings a whole lot of positive energy into the mix and boosts my creative process. In a nutshell: if you don’t love what you do, why should I?